Del Pasqua’s story started around 1960 thanks to the work of Sabatino, our father. A few years later, Emanuele, his son, joined the family business with the aim of increasing diversification, focusing on the products quality and imaging new directions for the company.

Our olive grove

Our olive grove extend for 4 acres, offering typical and local cultivars as leccino, frantoiane and moraiolo. 

We have planted new olive grove in respect of traditional cultivation while we follow modern and innovative techniques, relying on the job of our agronomists who evaluates when the olive get mature.

The olive harvest

We can’t wait to harvest our olives in October! We do enjoy working with what make us move. Today we have reached a great goal: currently our products are locally and internationally appreciated. For some years, our company exports its products to the United States: extra virgin olive oil “Il magnifico” collects a huge increasing approval from the market.

Sapori toscani nel rispetto dell'ambiente
e delle Tradizioni

Every phase of the supply chain has been made respecting the environment. We adopt both an innovative approach for future and technology and a traditional one for values and tuscan flavors which represent Italian history. The whole supply chain is strictly made in Tuscany: the cultivation of olives, the olives harvest and the final product packaging.

Quality certification

Tuscan igp extra virgin olive oil is both tradition and strong connection with the territory. Our Italian bio extra virgin olive oil comes out from organic agriculture which activities are always monitored by recognized agencies in order to ensure a natural, tested and certified product to the customer.